Over 20 years of experience

3D metal printing itself, is not unique. What is unique is our extensive experience in mechanical engineering and production automation, as well as the fact we are active in a number of industries such as automotive. The team at I-Solutions combines the knowledge and experience with 3D printing. All the ins and outs of metal printing in combination with machine applications. We know what is possible at a glance. Are you having doubts about whether to go ahead and 3D print a product, series or have a prototype made first? Ask our advise.

3D metal printer for muliple industries

I-Solutions has invested in a hightech 3D metal printer from Desktop Metal which puts metal printing within reach of a variety of industries. The automotive, medical, aerospace and maritime industries may be the obvious choices, but architecture and art industries can also surely benefit from this additive manufacturing application. At I-Solutions, we make 3D metal printing accessible for not only for engineering and manufacturing

Think about for example injection molds, welding jigs, assembly tooling, endeffector parts, prototyp tooling or even hand tools for production, the variaty of what is printable is huge.


From engineering to manufacturing – changing a virtual design into a final product  efficient in all aspects has been a challenge for years. We made it our job to excel in exactly that.

Innovations in 3D technology

I-Solutions is an organized team of specialists who everyday focus on solutions for multiple industries.We implement innovations to make your production process easier and more efficient.
Some (preferred) objectives, as our starting point are:

  • “Unlimited” design space
  • Cost savings in logistics and distribution
  • Reduce of failure costs
  • Transparent inventory management
  • Sustainable production techniques
  • Short launch time for development (time to market)

Fit for purpose

Our part during the development of your 3D design. I-Solution will share their knowledge during product development and validation phases till you get to a fit for purpose-product. Our approach is to achieve an economical more beneficial-  , faster- and sustainable product. Your specific industry and requirements are our  starting point.

Engineering meets manufacturing

Our objective is simple: Technology must bring engineering and the manufacturing closer together. There is a huge difference between designing a product and being able to manufacture it. Not every design created from the drawing board can be manufactured straight away. This is where 3D printing adds value compared to conventional production methods. This is where engineering and manufacturing meet. With additive manufacturing the complexity of a product is not a limiting factor. This technology offers a lot of freedom in design, fast production and delivery on top of that it is a “clean” way of work as well. Your product can be post- processed easily and in anyway, because the material properties remain unchanged and are determined by the selected material.