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Production from CAD

I-Solution is specialised in 3D printing, We print your product. With a print box of approximately 300 x 200 x 200 mm we can print any product out of several materials. We are working mainly with metal because of its excellent durable properties. Your CAD design is our starting point; your product is created by using specialized software toggether with our 3D printer. Reach out to us for manufacturing a series of product or prototyping.

If there is an additional need for capacity. We can support with developing your product. We develope based on your specification, requirements and take care of prototype as well.

Prototyping with Additive Manufacturing

We offer Rapid Prototyping, a fast and cost-effective way of creating a prototype of a product that may result in a product series. Perfectly suited for show models, scale models, simulations, intermediate product development evaluations, or a “look & feel” assessment.

Using the Additive Manufacturing technology, we build a prototype layer by layer, which results in a physical product. The final product, by definition, matches the design of the product. You can then test the prototype for suitability.

Designers only provide the model, via their CAD application. Commonly used formats are: STL, …. Or you can provide a Solidworks source file (preferred). We will take care of the rest for you!

Quick, smart and efficient

Do you have an idea for a new product or machine? An adjustment for a particular type of tool? Are you considering having a mould made for testing prior to final productdevelopment ?  In that case you will undoubtedly benefit from a tight schedule.

The specialists in charge of I-Solution have extensive experience with the development of machines and automation of production processes. We can offer you advice during the development process and assist you in delivering the product to be developed, allowing you to test the product against your requirements and other criteria.

During the development phase, I-Solution provides test products that we create based on your CAD models. Let us know which metal we can use and send us your model, and we can get started immediately.

Reduced Stock

3D printing is also the perfect solution for production of small product series. This allows you to considerably reduce your stock.

Sometimes you need spare parts for maintenance much quicker than expected. As it is always a challange regarding howmuch you will put on stock, using 3D printed parts will have the advantage for you to reducing the stock but still have a stock level which is fit for your business.

It’s quick, saves costs, and there is no need to keep unnecessary quantities of stock. We can even deliver parts that are no longer available. Provided that a 3D model is available, this can be done fairly quickly.

3D metal printing is also ideal for your (preventive) maintenance. The manufacturing freedom is an absolute benefit since any shape for a specific tool or specific parts is possible.

3D metal printing will save you cost on stock numbers and storage:

Which CAD models are we using:

The most common CAD formats we use are STL, IGES, JT, STEP, VDA-FS, U3D, VRML or even your native source files for example from Solidworks (preferred), Catia V5. If you have another file type please let us know, so we can take required measures.

We print multiple materials:

  • stainless steel 17-4 PH, 316L, toolingsteel H13, chromoly steel 4140
  • copper*, Inconel 625* en Kovar*

       *are available later